Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Morning Musings

Big brother is watching you to make sure you don't take too long a tea break. Malaysia has installed cameras into government offices and not just for security reasons. According to one brainwashed worker it's all good.
Abdul Mubin Ismail, who works in the youth and sports department, told The Star that the move was "not to pinpoint our errors but to mold us into becoming more responsible." He added that the surveillance could also curb office politics and sexual harassment.
People look online for some of the strangest things. Someone came to my blog by way of "chinese woman with small A cup tits" and ended up here. Search engines can give very strange results.

Almost two years after Katrina made landfall and horrendous stories are still making their way into the headlines. It seems that in addition to all the other atrocities that occurred under cover of an emergency, pet dogs were deliberately shot and killed after forcing their owners (some at gunpoint) to leave them behind. We aren't talking Rottweilers and Pit Bulls, but toy poodles and other dogs, some of which were tied up and no threat to anybody. It really looks like the New Orleans police department used Katrina as an excuse to let their evil side out. I guess it makes it easier to spot the bad guys, they're wearing uniforms.

With what Army? If we get into a war with anybody else, it will have to be up to the Air Force, because the Army, Marines, National Guard and the Reserves are completely tapped out. The Navy can lob in some missiles and millions of innocent civilians can be killed because we don't want Iran to go nuclear. How in the heck are we going to get out of this handbasket? It's getting a little warmer than I'd like.

Finally! Common sense prevails over abject stupidity. Of course the prosecutor is going to object but this was a case that should never have been brought to trial. Ten years for a blowjob was a little over the top.

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