Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuesday's Oddities

Well, that was short-lived. Some people are way too vindictive for their own good and the Georgia Attorney General is a perfect example of how not to get along with people. Genarlow Wilson deserves to be set free and the effort to turn him into a hardened criminal must be stopped. Criminalizing sex between teenagers is ridiculous, you can't legislate them into not having sex or punishing them for behavior that comes naturally. Enough already, aren't there more important things that the Attorney General could be doing?

How is China like the Taleban? They knock down religious statues. When the Taleban did it in the nineties, the world was outraged, which is probably why China went to so much trouble to cover it up. It seems that China is undergoing a crackdown on religious activities. Buddhism is a peaceful religion but it looks like the efforts to eradicate it in Tibet are on the upswing.

Remember Bush's enthusiastic reception in Albania? It seems that someone stole his watch while he was mingling with the crowd.

I had the unfortunate experience of trying to match a printer with the Vista operating system. What a load of elephant crap! In order to use a USB 2.0 A/A cable, I had to install software and then I had to research as to why it wasn't recognizing the cable. Turns out I had to go into Properties and force it to run in XP compatibility mode, reboot and now Vista recognizes the cable. It never recognized the printer, no matter what I did, as far as Vista was concerned there was nothing on the other end of the cable. We're going to get my friend a new printer this week. All I had to do with my Powerbook, was to plug it in. That being said, I still wouldn't use Safari on a Windows machine because I prefer Firefox. I can customize it the way I want.

If you have completed the requirements for graduation, you shouldn't have to complete eight hours of community work to get your diploma because someone in the audience cheered as you went across the stage. Unless you are in Galesburg, IL. And aren't melanin impaired.


  1. I have about no itch to even see vista,let alone use it. I'm finding Linux to be everything I need it to be, and I just love the price.

  2. I don't know why, but do you really think that the most guarded man in this planet gets his wristwatch stolen by some local thief? This is nonsense! Maybe you should read an article; that guy/girl tips out some good points of this case http://www.benisblog.com/2007/08/08/the-story-of-the-presidents-wristwatch-being-stolen-is-it-true/
    and than think again who is clever and who is not.

  3. I don't know why you think I might care about anything that the stupidest president we've ever had, does. And aren't you a little late with your complaint? Old news fascinates me less than history does for the crew without a clue.

    Nowhere was clever mentioned. How long have you been a water boy?