Saturday, June 09, 2007

Oh Happy Day

For a great Saturday morning laugh, head on over to to the Manbottle Library (of arcane knowledge and questionable humor) for a great story about anger management. Even the icon for the website will make you smile. Too funny.

Common sense has left the building. Charging an eight year old boy with sexual misconduct because he admitted touching the breasts of his 14 year old babysitter during a game of truth or dare, is a little over the top, don't you think? Yes, the charges have been dropped, but what were they thinking? Of course an eight year old boy is going to be a willing participant at doing something that gives the illusion of being forbidden. Sheesh.

Deja vu is an interesting subject. I have only had a few instances of it so, this explanation might be true, but it doesn't fit what happened to me. We lived in Puerto Rico when I was in elementary school and I had this dream one night of being in a classroom and having answered a question correctly. The teacher was writing on the blackboard, and I was sitting two rows back with a kid in black glasses sitting directly ahead of me. I thought it was a strange dream because I was older in it and I had never had a male teacher, much less one with a bushy black mustache and acne scars. Six years later, I'm in a U.S. History class, I had just answered a question and Mr. Lemon with his bushy black mustache and acne scars turns from the blackboard with his chalk in his hand, just like I remembered. Exactly like I remembered from the dream, not a similar situation. He was the only teacher I ever had until college that had a mustache. Very weird.

Perhaps they could supplement their ranks with donut eating champions. Cut out the middle man. Sort of. Or maybe Hollywood could come up with a buddy cop show as an incentive since Cops doesn't seem to be helping with recruitment.

Whatever you do, don't hold up a sign that says Equal Rights for Robots in front of religious groups. That can and will get you hauled off to jail. Ah yes, the police state is just around the corner.

Helpful tips on eating to control your mood. Also will work as a great way to lose weight if you follow the advice and then add some exercise.

The 100 hottest women, according to lesbians. It is a much more rounded list, not so youth focused, but the site is very busy as you might imagine.

Well worth listening to and will bring another smile to your face. Enjoy!

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  1. I don't quite understand the babysitter thing, especially puzzling when we consider the fact that there are adults who get no jail time at all for actual intended contact.

    Like your blog, came from the BlogScream box on my blog. Wondering what to read so I thought Id check out your site.