Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Morning Quickie

Did you know that if you take too much of a migraine medication containing sumatriptan, that your blood can turn green from the excess sulphur? It happened to this guy and it totally shocked the doctors in the surgery room. Boy would I have liked to have heard the audio during this operation. Oh and by the way, acupuncture works really well for migraines. I've been known to knock one out in one needle, sometimes two. Then you start working on the underlying problem.

Supposedly my tomato plants will bear fruit this year. I hope so, it has been unseasonably cool and the plants are lagging. Hmm, WD-40 dissolves hard kitchen grease. Who knew?

Well, we all knew that the crew without a clue doesn't really have one, but to call and request a meeting with a senator who had passed away earlier in the week and then use the excuse that they were just following up since they hadn't heard from him since May, is just freakin' stupid. Don't they read the papers or listen to the news? Or how about gossip? Yesterday the VP's wife's name was floated as a replacement and they still didn't know that Senator Thomas had passed away? Shameful, just shameful. But somehow, not unexpected.

The Shawskank Redemption. Jon, that was absolutely brilliant. This story never ends, but it gets funnier by the moment. Hopefully Ms. Hilton will have to return to jail to serve out her sentence. Just because she has the DTs is not a reason to be let out early. Especially not to a home filled with luxury items. I don't know too many convicted felons that get to dine on caviar, drink champagne and have celebrity guests drop by while they are incarcerated. Even sitting at home she causes trouble. A showdown between the judge and the Sheriff's department. Why chase the police car, don't they know where it's headed? Besides the helicopter should be able to follow car 865 to its destination. I'm almost starting to feel sorry for her because she is probably going to be penalized because everyone is so irritated.

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  1. The mother of the kid should be put in an insane asylum for her lack of reality.

    Well rounded police are good police.

    I agree with the lesbians.