Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday Morning Fripperies

Last night I was having this discussion with a friend about how great the DVR is. I need a dual tuner so I can watch something besides what I'm recording and he wants a triple, which could really be handy. The DiSH DVR is pretty basic, it only records exactly what you program, it doesn't search out shows by name and record only the new ones. Which is why I would like to get a Tivo that I could program from the computer. Glenn Derene over at Popular Mechanics has a great article about how the DVR revolution is changing how and what we watch and how advertising and programming are changing to catch up. I agree with one of the commenters, more shows like Firefly and less American Idol.

Time waster of the morning? How to whistle for those who can't. It didn't work for me but that's okay.

Happy story of the morning? This two year old girl managed to survive the currents of a raging river, two nights alone in the woods and then she found the searchers. With berries in her hand that she was saving for breakfast.

Self confidence isn't really an issue with anyone in my family, for some reason we always act like we know what we are doing and can fake it pretty well when we don't. Some others aren't so lucky, therefore these tips might be helpful.

Okay, enough avoidance. What kind of sick bastard goes around shooting dolphins? A $20,000 fine plus jail time for each count would be a great beginning of some type of justice. Being eaten by a Great White Shark, slowly, would also be appropriate for the perpetrators. Probably one of the reasons why this kind of crime didn't happen in the seventies and eighties is because we had grown up watching Flipper and considered dolphins to be water people. Or, we had a major crush on Luke Halpin.

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