Friday, June 15, 2007

Wasted Days And Wasted Nights

How anyone could be under the impression that things have improved in Iraq since we deposed Saddam Hussein and introduced daily bombings to civilian life, is beyond me. Unfortunately there are still some out there who foolishly cling to the idea that Operation Iraqi Freedom has made things better for the citizenry, despite stories such as this one about the elderly who have been abandoned in the war zone. It's sad getting old by yourself, but to have bombs and gunfire as a steady background staccato, must be terrifying.

I'm not fond of tunnels, I can handle the short ones but I worry about earthquakes when I travel through one in California, so I doubt if I would be comfortable for 21 miles through the Alps. At least it isn't underwater, I'm definitely not doing that. I understand why it's needed but I wouldn't want to trade the view for speed. On the other hand, I'm not commuting on a regular basis.

We finally got some warm weather here in the Bay area, which is making my tomatoes very happy. Unfortunately, this has also meant mosquitoes and they are finding me very tasty this year. I'm used to the occasional bite on the extremities, but the ones on my forehead and ear are a little irritating. Caught one in the act and it won't be doing that anymore.

You don't say. Who would have thought that this would happen? My normal answer would be "anyone with half a brain", but somehow it still slipped by the crew without a clue. It really doesn't look like protecting America and her citizens is part of the agenda of this administration. And by the way, it is nothing to be proud of that by 2014 the Guard would be at pre-2001 levels, which were only 75% of full strength to begin with. Is there any branch of the military that hasn't been thoroughly compromised? We would be up a creek without a paddle (love that picture!) if a real army attacked us. And don't think that the rest of the world isn't figuring that out.

The Russians have come to the somewhat logical conclusion that the new solar array that was attached to the Space Station blew out the computers. I would have to agree since the timing matches. In addition to that little glitch, now there is going to be a spacewalk so they can staple down a thermal blanket that ripped loose during liftoff. What goes up, must come down, according to the old saying and that force known as gravity. Let's hope that no one gets hurt.

How lazy can one be? Well, for those of you who like to play rock-paper-scissors, there is an electronic version of the game that fits on your keychain and it's sold in packs of two for $8.89.

Can't afford an IDoll? Now you can build your own sex doll out of spare parts that you might have lying around the house. Depending on your job, this might be considered NSFW.

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