Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday Morning Snickers

Quote of the week has to be from Juan Williams over at Fox, by way of Raw Story (with video). Something tells me he won't be getting a Christmas card from Cheney this year.
"Yes. There's an executive order," said Williams. "What you have is, not only is it that there is classified documents, we don't know where they go, what happens to them, emails disappear in this White House, and you say, 'Well, what happened to the emails?' 'Oh no, we have a private account.' This is all a dodge, this is a game in order to keep Dick Cheney in, I guess, some sort of secured undisclosed bunker of his mind."
As has been noted before, blacks are not joining the military (something about dying for nothing), which just goes to show that they aren't as dumb as some people think they look, are they? Unfortunately for the troops who are already being forced to serve past their commitment time, nobody else is either.

Sleep may be free, but a good night's sleep is priceless. Ririan over at the Ririanproject has some helpful tips on how to get effective, restful sleep. Sleep is one of the things that you should do on a daily basis to help maintain your health. From the commercials on television, one would think that everyone was suffering sleep deprivation and needs help, so try these tips before getting a prescription. Your body will thank you.

Konagod has pictures of the chiles he's planning on growing. There will be a hot time in the old garden bed next summer. I wonder where I can get some?

Did you know that your prescription medicine might be contributing to your weight gain? From slowing the metabolism (beta blockers) to corticosteroids (ramp up the appetite), they can undermine the best of intentions when it comes to being healthy. The researchers wonder why other drugs have this effect and can't make a generalization as of yet. In TCM we would say that since the drugs have to metabolized by the liver and kidneys, that they are overtaxed and can't do their proper jobs. The kidneys no longer have the energy to warm the cookfire, so there isn't enough heat to keep the cauldron boiling, which means the spleen can't do its job of transporting and transforming food and the system slows down proportionately. Birth control pills can be a major culprit also.

Yesterday I installed the new security update and then restarted the machine. When I opened Firefox it informed me that there were updates to four of my extensions and did I want to update? Stupidly I said yes, and when FF restarted I was at the Colorful Tabs homepage. I had been using the NASA Launch theme which is dark and the CT wasn't working on it, I had left a note on the developer's site so I thought the problem had been fixed. I opened the preferences, clicked on settings and my whole Mac froze, which has never happened in three years. I restarted, reopened Firefox and everything had been reset to the defaults. My home pages were gone, ForecastFox had to be reprogrammed and most of the cookies were nowhere to be found so I spent the rest of the morning trying to recover.

I never combine updates, what the heck was I thinking? And the worst part was, that I knew when I pushed the accept button that it was a stupid move. I got what I deserved and you can bet I will never do that again.

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