Friday, June 22, 2007

Sad, Glad And Very Bad

Sgt. Frank Sandoval died the other day and I didn't post about it because I was too upset. After a long and heroic battle against a traumatic brain injury, he finally lost the fight and succumbed to the odds and became another statistic in a war that very few people support and even fewer can tell you why it was important that he paid the ultimate price. Inquiring minds want to know, will he (and others like him), count in the Iraq casualty rolls or are they consigned to the dust bins of the don't ask, don't tell division of death statistics? Rest in peace Frank and thank you for your sacrifice, I just wish it hadn't been in vain.

Switching gears, nyah, nyah, nyah. As an eldest I say, "take that you interlopers, that'll teach you!" Oh well, one has to take pleasure in the little things, like being naturally smarter than your little brothers. Can you tell that I'm four years old, I mean older, than my brothers?

Speaking of childish behavior, I see that other people have noticed that Darth, Duck!, Dick Cheney can't, and even more importantly, won't. play well with others. By design, and it looks like, malice aforethought. I guess when your chief of staff gets convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice, it's pretty easy to imagine that there is a better possibility of high crimes, misdemeanors or malfeasance occurring with the full knowledge of the executive involved.

My bicycle was in the shop for a few days getting a tuneup. I got it back this afternoon and it was riding so smooth, right up until the kid next door came around the corner against traffic and collided with me in a blind corner. I managed to stay on the bike, but the rear rim got bent and back to the shop it goes. I'm never going to get a regular routine going at this rate. Oh yeah, the kid's okay. And so is his bike.


  1. Shooter cannot hunt well with others, either.

  2. I wish he wasn't such a joke, how we got these two numbskulls to lead the nation totally blows my mind. And yet, people still think they are wonderful and that the rest of us are clueless. What will it take before there is change for the better or are condemned to living the rest of our lives with this stupidity?

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