Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday Morning Nibbles

Requiring passports in order to leave the country and then not being able to handle the requests for all the people who now have to get one, seems to be standard operating procedure for the crew without a clue. As usual, the government requires something and then neglects to plan for the amount of people who need to comply. Wait until the fingerprint requirement kicks in. This would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Seriously, does this woman look comfortable to you? To me she looks like she is asking Putin to get that grinning lout off of her. Again.

Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images

Oops, I forgot to post this the other day, but then I remembered. Funny how that happens.

Ooh, ooh, newsflash! It seems that ignoring Democrats for the last six years is going to make it harder for President Bush to get anything done in Congress. I'm glad they told me because it wasn't as obvious as the nose on Cyrano's face. And the study is trying to lay the blame at the Democrats door because of some instance where Congress didn't do what Lil' Bush (can't wait to see that show) wanted. Hope they find the right person for the job of dealing with the Senate, but given their previous track record, I doubt it.

Oh no they didn't! Arrested a woman for making faces at a police dog, how childish can you get? If the police dog felt threatened by a drunk woman, then that dog needs a different line of work. Or maybe the handler does. And why would the DA wait almost a whole year before watching the video? I thought everybody's budgets were strapped, that maybe stupid cases wouldn't go to trial and that the government wouldn't waste the taxpayer's money but it seems that I was more foolish than the woman making faces at a dog.

Lying, cheating and stealing. Another one bites the dust. Those wacky Republicans, bringing law and order to the unwashed masses while simultaneously rolling in the dirt with other people's money. I'm afraid to ask how low they can go because every day reveals another disgrace that is quickly forgotten. At this rate we will find out that the United States has been sold to the highest bidder with escrow closing on January 20, 2009.


  1. Actually, leaving the country sans passport is the easy part, it's getting back into your own country again that's the problem.

    It must be some sort of illegal repatriation setup.

  2. Caption for the Merkel/Putin/Bush photo:

    "Don't you wish it were 2009 already, Vladimir?"