Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Morning Nibbles

The rats aren't just deserting the sinking ship, they are actively trying to help it go down in flames.
It was not illegal, and it was not unconstitutional, but it could not have happened unless the president permitted it and enabled it. And ultimately the president is responsible for what has become, in very large respect, the resulting wreckage of foreign policy, national security policy, budget policy, energy policy and environmental policy under Cheney's direction and on Cheney's watch.
Die Hard just rocked! $8.25 for a matinee ticket and worth every penny. Nonstop action, good quips (I was the only one who laughed when FBI agent Johnson was introduced), and great special effects. I'd actually like to see it again but there are so many other movies coming out in the next month and my budget just can't support the ticket prices.

I voted to give myself a raise, but it didn't work out nearly as well as it did for members of the House. $4400 for a cost of living raise, that's probably more than some people earned last year. The crew without a clue, indeed. While the average American is worrying about how exist with the current cost of living, the powers that be are worried about the cost of living extremely well (clew). Like they weren't rich to begin with. $170,000 a year each of taxpayers money just so they can ignore what their constituents want. Must be nice. Can't wait for the Senate version.

I'm looking for a new job, my current employers are not helping my finances, they keep making my hours later in the day and I can't leave mom alone at night, when she's tired she gets all wacky. I hate job hunting, I really do.

The Big O weighs in on the NBA college draft and how detrimental it is to young athletes. One and done, what a stupid idea. If anything happens to them, they have no education to fall back on, no wonder so many pro athletes go bankrupt.

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  1. Drop on by my place and send me an email about what kind of new job you want.

    Maybe I know someone who knows someone.