Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wednesday Observations

Snicker. I've always wondered about annulments. When I was a little girl I was under the impression that you could only get one if you hadn't had sex in a marriage but then it started being granted to couples who had had kids. Such as Joe Kennedy II. He and his wife had twins before he divorced her to marry his former aide and then had his first marriage secretly annulled because the new wife wanted to be married by a priest. Tough toots, that little bit of stupidity has been reversed. His first marriage is as valid, if not more, than his current one. People running around acting like their heads have been cut off, hyperventilating over the defense of marriage because gays want to get married and not a peep about all the divorces and annulments which definitely give marriage a bad name.

I had this classmate who swore by bee venom therapy for his rheumatoid arthritis and convinced other people to try it. Some people got relief but the pain of the sting is a definite deterrent to regular practice.

If you have an Ipod and Itunes there is very little need to continue to buy video and music software or portable stereo equipment which is probably one of the major reasons in the decreasing sales at electronic stores. I refuse to shop at Circuit City since they laid off their higher paid workers who had all the knowledge and Best Buy never has what I'm looking for. But maybe, just maybe, the economy is slowing down and this is one of the harbingers of bad news, FedEx thinks the economy is already soft and is hoping that things will get better by the end of the summer. Fat chance.

Which style of lacing uses the least amount of shoelace? Did you know that there was a mathematical solution to the problem? I didn't know there was more than one way to lace up my shoes, I thought velcro was the alternative.

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  1. I have to agree. That whole annulment thing doesn't make sense. It implies an attitude of, "I got married, but now I don't want to be married, but let's pretend it never happened so that some priest who has never been married, annuled, or divorced will say it's OK to get married again."

    Just give me plain old gay marriage any day. I don't think marriage can get any more knocks than they've already given it.