Thursday, June 21, 2007

Why Are We Stuck With These People?

It's official. All those heart problems have affected Dick Cheney's ability to comprehend reality and taken the people in his office along for the ride. The office of the Vice President is part of the Executive Branch, it isn't a separate entity that is accountable to no one. There are three separate and equal branches of government according to the Constitution that he supposedly swore to uphold, and crossing your fingers only counts in grade school. Of course, if you want to hold onto to that little fiction, it also means that you aren't covered by executive privilege and you can be subpoenaed and forced to testify on your way to the hoosegow. His parents definitely knew what they were doing when they named him. What a dick.

Instead of spending money on body armor, reinforced vehicles or ships that can actually float on water (how could an engineer screw up Archimedes's principle?), taxpayer money has been wasted on psychic teleportation, gay bombs, and other assorted fringe projects. Why not just go for the phaser or an ion gun? It's one thing to plan for the future, but the present needs attention too. Fourteen soldiers dead in two days tells me that maybe, just maybe, a little more money might be spent on protecting the troops we have now or there won't be any need to protect them in the future since there won't be enough left to protect the United States or wage war on another undeserving country. Barry McCaffrey can suck it up and unretire if he feels that the troops aren't giving their all in the debacle that is known as the Iraq war. Great planning, just what I've come to expect from the crew without a clue.

Whatever happened to common sense?

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