Sunday, July 22, 2007

Drinking, Drugs, Sadness And Stupidity

I had way too much fun hanging out with the Barbarians yesterday. Since I had never met any of them before, after I ordered my Guinness (we met in an Irish pub) I figured it was the table that was talking the most animatedly, so I asked them. What a great group of people. Tom from If I Ran The Zoo has a picture of the 37.75% of IIRTZ contributors (guess which one is me) who were able to make it. The rest of them are east of the Mississippi and were unable to attend. I guess they won't be at the next one either. Too bad since it was some of the most intelligent conversation I've heard in the last seven years.

How to take a shower in sixty seconds or less. That would be water time, not total time. Extremely useful if you have a limited hot water supply.

Testing golfers for drugs, what a concept. They're going to be looking for performance enhancers when they should be looking for psychedelics. Because there is no other rational explanation for chasing a little white ball through sand, tress and rough grass in an effort to drop it into a little hole. Let's not get into what the people watching must be on, but it isn't amphetamines.

Imagine that, the mental health system in the United States doesn't work very well. Umm, duh? The only time the mentally disturbed get any attention is when they commit a crime and don't you think that's a little too late? Oh well, they'll keep blaming the system, they won't change it, they'll just keep shuffling responsibility like it's a game of Three Card Monty. Until the next time.

Tammy Faye went out gracefully, may she rest in peace. Pete Wilson was a real shocker and will definitely be missed here in the Bay area. He was a great newsman with a soothing voice and even better journalistic principles. He will definitely be missed.

Mitt Romney obviously didn't learn from George Allen's macaca moment. It makes you wonder if English was the first language of the people who wrote the sign.


  1. It was great to meet you (finally!), Deb. Good times, and I'm looking forward to the next one.

    I had heard about Tammy Fay, but not Pete Wilson. That is too bad.

  2. I asked them. What a great group of people.

    You know normally we have this really geeky banner that says "Bloggers" or something to that effect--just to show how nerdy we really are. ;-)

    Echoing Tom's sentiments. It was great to meet you and just generally cool to welcome a new blogger to the Barbarians.

    Hope to see everyone on the 1st.

  3. My jaw dropped when I heard about Pete too.