Monday, July 23, 2007

Lifestyles of the Rich, Poor And Not So Famous

How little must money mean to the people of Richistan that being worth 10 million dollars only qualifies you to pretend like you're rich? Why would anyone want to write with a jewel encrusted pen? Doesn't it hurt? Even if it is only to put your signature on another document that increases your net worth, that shows a complete disconnect with the reality of the rest of the people in the world. Though I have to admit that the private submarine sounds pretty cool.

Not to worry, an alternate reality can always be found, such as riding the rails with the hobos.

Another two days and I should have enough ripe heirlooms to make this tart. Mine are all a different shade of red but it should still taste great. Last night I dressed some of the cherry tomatoes (halved) and one of the Ace (sliced) with a little salt, pepper, red wine vinegar and a touch of olive oil. They were so good.

Yesterday someone read 89 pages in a little over 58 minutes on my site. I hope they enjoyed themselves.

The list for the latest round of recalled meats (botulism this time) can be found here. I've seen a few of the discount brands and then there are some that aren't discount brands. Plus some dog food is again in trouble, which makes me wonder what we are feeding the poor in this country.

The Pentagon is going to junk millions of dollars worth of gear for reasons only known to them. Not that the stuff is secret or in some cases old, but because they don't want to pay to store it or buy it back from surplus stores if they need it again. What is up with that? The supply situation is ridiculous. Half the military doesn't have what they need to protect themselves and do their jobs while the other half has too much of the wrong stuff. What kind of Republican administration is this? Usually they improve the military right along with padding their pockets, but it seems that they have decided to skip that step and just focused on taking care of themselves.

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