Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday's Oddities

It's too late to make this recipe (it looks so good) since I have too many ripe tomatoes that taste wonderful to worry about cooking them now. Yesterday none were ready, today there were ten Cherokee Purples of varying sizes, most of which would be considered large. The Pink Caspians should be ready tomorrow and the Mamma Mias are looking like they need to make a sauce soon. Is it possible to overdose on tomatoes?

Downtown Los Angeles is a fascinating place that very few people visit when they come to Southern California and they certainly don't walk around, all the strange people scare them. That being said, there is quite a bit of life in areas that you wouldn't suspect. The Pantry is an interesting place to eat, it hasn't closed since it opened in the late 1920s, not even during the riots. Their specialty is breakfast, and it's served 24 hours a day. Across from Union Station there is a place that serves the best cheese steak sandwich, very tasty.

The dog days of summer. Shai doesn't really enjoy them, she is most comfortable between 50 and 70 degrees. If it's too hot she can't breathe and if it's too cool she just wants to snuggle beneath the covers. Rain is totally out of the question, she doesn't like getting wet unless it is super hot (95+) outside, then she will let me spray her down. These are some good tips to cool off the dog during the worst of the heat, but the seem to be based on the assumption that you will be leaving your dog outside. We don't have air conditioning so I put ice cubes in her water, she also likes to nibble on them as treats and loves when we wrap a cold towel around her neck. She likes that so much that she comes as soon as she sees her towel.

Activate the iPhone without a contract.

The new physics exam. It definitely isn't up to Dark Wraith's (his require that you have knowledge of the subject, guessing won't help) standards but it does show how far education has fallen. Plus it's pretty funny espceially after reading the professor's rationale.


  1. It's NEVER too late for a fried green tomato recipe. I make 'em myself once in awhile.