Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mice, Work And Food

As I've stated before, I hate shopping unless it is for food or geeky stuff. Buying a watch is sheer torture because I can't find what I want for under thousands of dollars and let's be honest, its function really is to tell time, isn't it? Cellphones solve the problem of the watch but have almost the same issue. What's wrong with something being simple, stylish and useful? Oh yeah, it's called the iPhone and I can't afford that either. Though I did get to hold one the other day. It was awesome and it didn't weigh much more than the cellphone that I hate with a passion and have since the day day it was bought.

I've needed a mouse for over a year and just couldn't justify the expense of the MX Laser top of the line model and didn't like the feel of the lower end models. So just the other day, I broke down and bought the MX 400 model. It all boiled down to how it felt in my hand and it was the cheapest for the curved shape. I use a trackpad and find it quite comfortable most of the time but occasionally a mouse is useful. I've been using it for about two days and it's okay, but then I found this little gem. A finger mouse. Add a blinking blue light in the ear and one might start to look assimilated.

Also by way of Little Addictions there was also this wireless access kit with a solar powered battery repeater. Now that's useful.

It almost bothers me that my work preferences have more in common with Gen Y than they do with the Baby Boomers. It used to be you were as old as you feel but now you're as old as you think.

A recall on bread. Our food supply needs a major overhaul because there have been way too many incidents in the last seven years.

And the light goes on. Otherwise known as stating the obvious.

While I feel sorry for the families and friends of the helicopter tragedy, it is the pilot's responsibility to fly safely, not get the best shot. Holding the car chase suspect responsible is stupid and irresponsible. Those reporters chose to do that job hoping that they would get a scoop and instead became the story. It was just a car chase and my need to know did not extend to other people risking life and limb for me to have an aerial view. Traffic coverage is in a different category, as in useful.


The name of the rat is Remy, not Ratatouille. Ratatouille is the dish he makes for the restaurant critic. You would be surprised how many people don't know the rat's name.

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