Friday, July 27, 2007

Drugs, Truth And Fantasy

Sigh, the quarterly marijuana scare article is out today. It's the same one that came out a few months ago but written in a slightly more breathless manner. The full disclosure at the bottom helps to explain the conclusions.

Another shining example of supporting the troops that once again is a futile attempt to suppress the truth. The Pat Tillman tragedy is rapidly becoming another farce in the continued destruction of our once great military. Unfortunately it's becoming clear that he was executed by his own teammates and that it was covered up from the field to the White House. Why do people try to cover up things like this? Eventually the truth works its way out into the light and it's never pretty, with results that are usually worse than any original punishment would have been. Congress needs to investigate this to the fullest and everyone involved should be punished in some fashion. From demotion of the officers who tried to cover it up, to jail time for the murderers who committed the original crime, to removal from office from those who condoned the cover up. Friendly fire it wasn't.

Lying and forgetfulness are not limited to military cover ups, they pervade all levels of the current administration. It's a sad day for American when it's tough to decide who's telling the truth or lying the least. The Attorney General with the convenient memory problems and his own built in eighteen and a half minute gap, or the head of the FBI who has been practicing warrantless (in more ways than one) spying on innocent Americans. What a dilemma.

Heroes is fantasy, not hard core science fiction and Babylon 5 was the originator of the high concept series arc, not Lost or Invasion. It would be nice if people did a little research before they wrote articles. Especially from the Sci Fi channel. A proofreader would be good investment also. Networks are going heavy, not heaving.

Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins, Karen Allen (who knew she would be the least irritating of the female leads?) back for Indy 4 and Leonard Nimoy making an appearance in the new Star Trek movie with Zachary Quinto from Heroes playing a young Spock. Plus, a new Blade Runner DVD with more scenes and special effects. Future entertainment looks promising.

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  1. The Pentagon tried to use the White Woman in Distress Who Turned Into Rambo for propaganda purposes, but then she f'd everything up by stepping up and telling the truth. I'm sure they thought they'd be safer using Pat, since he couldn't disagree with their official version of events.

    Wrong again...