Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunday Science And Fiction

Roswell, the story that never dies. Well, somebody who was actually working at Roswell died last year and his sworn affidavit has been released to the public. If even half of it is true, I have one question. Why haven't the aliens ever come back? Didn't they like us? Did they think we were a waste of time and valuable resources? Well, that was more than one question and here is another. Why would the Air Force have crash test dummies in weather balloons that were supposed to be looking for evidence of Russian nuclear tests New Mexico?

Has Google gone too far? According to Duncan at TechCrunch they have, or at least one of their advertising team has. While I may use Google almost exclusively for searches and iGoogle and the Reader for my news and other interests, I will drop them in a heartbeat if they start to obviously take sides with obviously corrupt big business. There are enough alternatives out there for everything that they provide, including the Blogger platform. I'm always willing to learn something new.

Anybody with any sense would have known that if there was a fly in the iPhone ointment, it would be AT&T's fault, not Apple's. I wonder how long it will be before that deal isn't exclusive?

Robert A. Heinlein would have been 100 on July 7th, but he was no George Burns. Heinlein was my favorite author growing up, mainly because he was prolific and some of his books had female leads. As a kid I never wondered about the symbolism behind the stories, I just read them and was transported to different worlds besides the one I was stuck on. I'm sorry to hear that he was such a conservative, but then people do like to read more into fiction books than the author actually meant. I notice he didn't bring up Job: A Comedy of Justice.

Keeping it light for the folks at If I Ran The Zoo.

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