Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Three Quickies

Hmm, the more moles you have (that are protected from too much sun) the more likely you are to have reduced signs of aging. It seems that if you had more than 100 moles in your youth, your telomeres were longer than people who had less than 25. Supposedly this translates into six or seven years.

Michael Chertoff's gut is telling him that there is going to be some al Qaeda trouble in the future. Yes dude, one way or another we are going to hear from them again, you guys have made sure of that. From increasing the pool of recruits to the missed opportunities because you didn't want to offend someone who doesn't respect us; to leaving our borders insecure (but spying, abusing and restricting or abrogating the rights of the taxpaying American is ok); to not completing the original mission of locating and bringing Osama bin Laden to justice, you guys have deliberately dropped the ball and then blamed it on everyone else (Clinton, either one, being the favorite). And if your gut (what about the "intelligence" agencies? Or are they too busy spying on Americans and don't have the manpower or resources to determine what al Qaeda is up to?) is telling you anything, it's that you look like a walking cadaver and that gray isn't a normal color for one's face.

Twisted and mutilated the truth beyond all recognition. Wow. Don't hold back, write what you're really thinking. The NY Times did. Unfortunately it's many years late, but hopefully not too late.

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