Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beyond Messed Up

I'm in a bad mood anyway and this story has not helped one flipping bit. Are these people crazy? Forcing this woman to repay the money or letting the alleged murderer of her husband take her assets is beyond criminal. It's nucking futs. You know this also could mean that OJ Simpson can get back all the money that was awarded in the civil action against him and the Goldmans will get nothing.

That statute of limitations thing sure gets used a lot to screw the little person, especially if they are female. The Supreme Court said so.

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  1. Sorry you're in a sour mood, Deb. I hope something nice happens to you tomorrow!

    I'm not running, by the way. Too many dems are already running (six!) so it just doesn't make sense to throw my hat into the ring. The more dems in the primary, the worse chance someone has of beating the neocon.