Friday, August 10, 2007

Crying In My Beer

I admit it, some time off was taken. Just haven't been into blogging lately, too much of the same old thing with no end in sight. Thank goodness I missed the speechifying, I'm all smirked out.

Rupert's still buying, the space shuttle is flying but Houston sees another problem. With landing. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is justifying its new 23 hour homemaking course, that is only open to women, as moving against the tide to keep our nation from being destroyed. Anything that demands that a woman with a full time job put her home first should be called by its real name. Slavery. And what can you learn about cooking and raising a child in 23 hours that can't be learned from PBS at your leisure?

Christopher Hitchens is mystifying, again. How can you not know the ending of the story from the title of his review? Yes, I know that a lot of people have read the book, but that isn't really the point, is it? That the MSM considers the big screen to qualify as news, is stupefying. Which fictional spy is better? Give me a break.

When the big one hits it will be a disaster, of this there is no denying, especially since California has paid as much attention to its infrastructure as Minneapolis didn't. The new war adviser (almost as many of them as there are senior level al-Qaedas that we have killed or captured) is oversimplifying, the draft will only provide shrapnel stoppers, not experienced troops or knowledgeable leaders to command them.

Iraqis are still dying(not that anybody is really paying attention anymore) and the attorney general (he doesn't deserve to be capitalized) is trying to export his lying to a country that already has serious problems and doesn't need any more of our "help". Nobody is vilifying the troops who committed war crimes in addition to crimes against humanity, because it was during a time of war. Murder is murder, ask all the people on death row back here in the states and most of them didn't coldly and viciously plan their crimes. Almost, but not quite, makes you think some of the Nazis punishment was too harsh. But then, history is usually written by the winners, isn't it? And imitated by the ethically impaired.

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  1. The "big one" arrived last week. The Fed thinks that its cash injections can keep the tsunami from eating the whole economy. Ha!