Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dumb And Dumber

Today's stupid quote comes from someone who thinks they are an expert. Criticizing the Filipino prison for allowing the prisoners to dance and bringing up that it isn't true rehabilitation is one of the stupidest things I've read all day. As if we rehabilitate all or any of the prisoners in the vastly larger US penal system.
Along with the security risk, Edward Latessa, professor and head of division of criminal justice at the University of Cincinnati, told ABCNEWS.com that the prisoners are not being rehabilitated.

"I suppose the inmates have some fun," said Latessa, who cited several examples of similar programs that have been attempted, and for the most part abandoned, by American prison officials. "But there's always a concern when you have programs like that and you're offering them as rehabilitation programs. The people that are participating think they're getting something out of it, but they're not."

"That's a potentially harmful effect," he added.

Rather, Latessa argued that more appropriate rehabilitation programs, like substance abuse or family reunification programs, should be implemented with such coordination and vigor.
Is this guy serious? American prisoners are locked up and forgotten, increasingly confined to isolation cells with virtually no contact with the outside world and this guy has the balls to worry about rehabilitating prisoners in another country. Because they are having fun and everyone knows that isn't to be allowed. They must suffer until they are released, just like here in the US.

Hindsight is always 20/20 and playing games in space is likely to be an exercise in fatality. Fix the damn gash. If it isn't fixed and the shuttle is destroyed, it will be difficult to get a good night's rest.
"This is not a catastrophic loss-of-orbiter case at all," he said. "This is a case where you want to do the prudent thing for the vehicle."

Although the gouge is small, it pokes through the thermal tiles, which protect the shuttle during reentry. Under the tiles is only a thin felt layer over the space shuttle's aluminum frame.
No wonder astronauts have flown drunk. I would too if I had to depend on penny pinchers for my life. Yes, it will be difficult but not as difficult as attending all of the funerals. This isn't Marooned or Space Cowboys, this is real life. Maybe you should treat it with some respect.


  1. Good afternoon, Debsweb.

    First off; I really like what you've done with the place. The peripherals are like a Play Center...for (mainly) adults!

    Hear here, regarding the Shuttle tiles. With so many disheartening news items battering us everyday, the gigantic advances being produced by our combined space exploration and deep space imaging, has been my "Happy Place". As more countries involve themselves in collaborative endeavors in space exploration, we will have at least one door that needs no political keys to open.(Why, yes, my middle name is naivety; Why do you ask?)

    I put a six-pack of Canfields Diet chocolate fudge soda in the icebox...help yerselves!

  2. Thank you, I do love to play with the template. I hope the shuttle comes down in one piece, they won't get a second chance.

  3. "A questioner asked (John Glenn) what went through his mind while he was crouched in the rocket nose-cone, awaiting blastoff. He wryly replied 'I was thinking that the rocket had twenty thousand components, and each was made by the lowest bidder'."