Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm Not With Stupid

Stupid study alert and once again I have to differ with the conclusions. Now, I admit that I have serious authority issues so trying to persuade me by changing labels won't work. Eating is something that I do for my tastebuds and since I am rather adventurous, willing to try most anything. As I get older I tend to eat like a Klingon, in the fact that I like to eat most of one thing before moving on to the others. I want to experience the flavors of the food in front of me. My tongue is the sole arbiter of what tastes good and I tend not to rely on other's opinions. One of the most expensive meals that I ever ate, was the least liked. The champagne was excellent but nothing helped the flavor of chervil, an herb that I discovered tastes like puke to me. I tried to volunteer for a hypnosis experiment, but it turns out I'm not very suggestible. Also the time that I spend eating is related to the either the conversation around me or the book I'm reading.

Last night's dinner was excellent. Costco had a small package of fresh ahi tuna which I covered with pepper, cayenne and crushed red pepper, drizzled it with soy and seared quickly in a pan. Served it with jasmine rice and seared baby bok choy (cut in half) in a little olive oil and splashed it at the end with a little fish sauce. It looked beautiful and was healthy at the same time. Didn't even taste like the diet food it was.

The age of endarkenment. This author uses homeopathy (with a great jab at Enron) to make his point, but the evidence that we are sliding back toward the Dark Ages is all around us. In the fourth series finale of Babylon 5 civilization has gone backwards due to a war and science becomes a dark art, blamed for everything and critical thinking is a thing of the past. All the people in America who believe the biblical version of creation but don't practice any of Jesus' teaching, are a glaring example of a nation that can no longer process information in a logical fashion. This probably goes a long way to explaining why the Dark Wraith goes ballistic when his students try to use Wikipedia as a reference.


  1. "...we are sliding back toward the Dark Ages..."

    Somewhat in contrast to the pro-evolutionists and anti-evolutionists of the present day, I have been considering for some time now whether we are actually devolving as a species.

  2. Funny, Huckabee just made the same observations on the Colbert Report.