Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How Low Can They Go?

Oh the poor widdle babies. Being on the down low isn't working out so well for them, it almost never does. The Republican party long ago forgot that people who live in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones. In the last few months, two men have been busted for soliciting sex in the men's room (Gross, isn't it dirty in there?) and another Senator's number (now considered old news) was found in the phone records of a prominent escort service. All are married. Barney Frank must sit at home and laugh over the the stupidity, hypocrisy and inability of the Republicans to get laid in the manner that they so obviously desire. Don't ask, don't tell. From McGreevy to Craig, the effort to deny their true biological urges has become an unmitigated disaster, both politically and personally. Then they try to justify the scandals by bringing up Jefferson, but money in the freezer is nothing like dick in a box. Or stall. Makes you wonder what the next sex peccadillo will consist of, probably something along the lines of Mercy.

From two years and many people's lifetimes ago. And I will ask the same question again. Will we ever learn?

50 billion more dollars down the rat hole. Bush thinks that after Petraeus' doctored report is delivered next month that Congress will be too intimidated by the false data and will give him whatever he wants so he can continue killing more American soldiers and innocent Iraqi civilians. I guess he didn't pay attention (not really a surprise) to the verbal flogging that a Democrat received for changing his position to support for the war. As one of his constituents pointed out, you represent us. Supposedly, but considering that neither party has done anything remotely approaching the people's will in the last few years, he will probably get his money and more families will receive filled coffins decoratively wrapped with the flag.

Pretty low seems to be the answer.


  1. Primary season's coming up, and it's time to start punishing the spineless.

    Nobody who has been complicit with the monkey need ever worry about getting another vote from me, and I don't care what their affiliation is.

  2. Right back at you. They all piss me off to no end. And then they do it again. It is long past time for them to have an accountability moment.

    Like unemployment like the rest of us.

  3. From what I'm hearing from pundits and other pretend-to-knows, the $50B. is a done deal, with the Dems. supposedly already caving. Hmmph.

    I don't know what to say anymore except that we would still enjoy a Democratic majority, should we can every last one of the war-enablers.

  4. Too bad they can't be recalled like Gray Davis was, a couple of petitions with thousands of signatures calling for their unemployment should wake them up. Unfortunately our Constitution doesn't give us that option.