Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Scandals, Racism And Poverty

Another week, another Republican gay sex scandal. True to form, Senator Craig was a hypocrite and voted to deny gays as many rights as possible. Sucker. These guys never learn.

It seems that Blogger is having an issue with some of its feeds. The recent comments are not displaying, there is nothing noted on the status blog and over at the Google Help group a Blogger employee made the mistake of saying it wasn't a Blogger problem. I'll bet his keyboard is burning. Technical support is the same everywhere.

Another guy gets off and avoids being convicted of rape by using the "I was sleepwalking" defense. What a load of crap. If sleepwalkers aren't responsible for the their actions, why are drunks who kill people convicted despite being unaware and unable to control their actions? Both of the cases mentioned in the article had also had too much to drink, so what's the difference? Oh yeah, it was only rape of unwilling women. Rape, the new "victimless" crime.

I hope that all the Latinos would observe the boycott and not spend a dime in the county for the rest of the week. Or longer. Why contribute to a tax base that doesn't want you, just your money and your services? What in the world has happened to America? We have become intolerant, judgmental and foolish. Racism is not good in any form but lately people have felt pretty free to show their dislike of other cultures. Shameful, just shameful.

Ooh, ooh, .3% less people were living in poverty last year according to the latest report. Isn't that great? Why is that even considered significant? You can (and they definitely do) make statistics mean anything you want. Meanwhile back in the real world, children are still suffering from "food insecurity" as well as having no health insurance. Then they go to schools that aren't funded correctly, to study from textbooks that are written by the people who have been modifying Wikipedia. Poverty will probably be way up next year and somebody will say that it is statistically insignificant.

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  1. I'm particularly alarmed by the sharp increase in the uninsured. To my mind the only possibility is that companies are simply dropping employee sponsored health-care, but do we believe that those same companies are giving anything back to their hapless employees? We do not!

    So...a double whammy--loss of health care coverage, and an effective salary cut all in one.