Sunday, August 05, 2007

Justice Is A Wonderful Thing

Too bad there isn't more of it. How many people convicted of a deliberately planned rape and murder, complete with accomplices, are sentenced to 110 years and know they won't have to serve it all? It seems that raping a 14 year old girl, killing her and her family to cover it up and then lying about it is okay if you do it in the military. But if you are black, live in the state of Texas and were driving a car when your friend loses his mind and kills someone, you get the death penalty. Oh well, I guess time, place and the race of the convicted do mean everything. Especially when it comes to the death penalty.

Dianne Feinstein needs to be removed from office. She does not represent me, my state, my ideals or my principles. Her vote to allow a paranoid megalomaniac more power to intrude into innocent American's lives is just one more example of the political whore she is. It's way past time for her to close her legs, get up off her back and go home, she's made enough money off the taxpayers. Yes, I'm angry.

I'm irritated, so I'm going to go shopping for a new mattress and finish reading Harry Potter. Mom finally finished it and now it's my turn. I have studiously avoided reading or listening to anything about the book so I can form my own opinions. Like that has ever been a problem.


  1. I did not want to read Political blogs today simply because I wanted to pretend all was fine.

    Now I am pissed off...great job!

  2. Yeah, that DiFi thing stumped me too. True, she pretty conservative, but I figured that was a bit much, even for her.

  3. Blue,

    I'm sorry.


    What killed me was that Congress hasn't been able to accomplish anything and in the space of less than a week, Bush gets what he wants. And more. It's a little too strange for me. Our political process is all for show, not for the real needs of the people.