Saturday, August 04, 2007

Education, Politics, Space, Thrills And Spills.

One of my first posts was about a group of high school kids who had achieved a rather spectacular (won an underwater design contest sponsored by NASA) goal and then were abandoned by the system because of something that was outside their control. Well, the only thing that has changed are the names and the support of their extremely savvy high school classmates. Common sense needs to prevail sometime and it is heartwarming to see it in these kids. They deserve all the help they can get to pass the DREAM act. Children should not have to suffer because of their parents mistakes.

A pissing contest between little baby frat boys, what a brilliant assessment of politics as currently practiced. The words petty, selfish, childish, arrogant, spiteful and elitist also spring to mind. All of the people who won't get paid because the Republicans in the California senate are holding their breath in the corner, will have a negative effect that ripples through the state's already shaky economy. But hey, it's only those that are poor or disabled, they can survive because they are used to having nothing. Or so goes the convoluted thinking of those that have everything they need. At the taxpayers expense.

Someone thinks they have an explanation for the random flashes of light that people have seen while gazing at the moon. I like the theory of space aliens watching us from their hideout on the moon, but that wasn't presented as an option.

Give me a break! My dog can walk on her own four paws. The only time I would consider carrying her would be crossing blacktop on a hot day and that makes it a safety issue. A dog fanny pack is just insulting to the animal and the weight distribution will mess up the owners low back and hips. Absolutely a stupid idea. Sheesh, who buys this crap?

Skateboards are dangerous and extreme skateboarding is best reserved for those who have no fear of dying. Jake Brown is one lucky guy...who will have to get a new pair of shoes after falling the equivalent of a five story building during a very high speed maneuver at the X Games. Somebody was watching out for this guy.

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