Monday, August 27, 2007

Reactions To Gonzales Resignation

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Spread quickly throughout the blogosphere.

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As expected, reactions were mixed. Some happy.

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Some sad.

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But most felt that a celebration was in order.

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The news that Michael Chertoff might replace Gonzales was met with ...dismay.

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  1. That last one is just perfect! I made a similar face when I heard Skeletor was in the running.

  2. Skeletor! Kathy, that's hilarious!

    I was only relieved upon hearing the news...still pissed at his comments and Bush's comments re: poor AG got booed out of office, poor baby. Even the good news these days can't elevate my hope factor.

  3. He'll try to appoint Karl Rove as the new AG, just you watch.

    Categorical Aperitif

  4. Or even more dismaying, Harriet Miers.