Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bringing Home The Troops

Mr. Boehner. If over a trillion dollars and almost 3800 American troops dying (don't worry about the civilians or coalition troops, they're not American, so they don't count) in Iraq is a "small price to pay", why don't you pay it and let the troops come home AND the American taxpayers off the hook? Maybe you could meet with Sheik Risha who's been trying to help us retake control of Anbar province. Oops, no can do. Roadside bomb got to him first. Maybe your plane can do those exciting evasive maneuvers when you leave Iraq. The last representatives thought it was kind of fun.

Proving that once again you can do anything with statistics, a CNN poll is touted as Bush approval. At 36 percent, it sounds more like disapproval. In other words, almost two thirds of the people responding can't stand him and think he's a "bad man". They definitely think he's taking the country in the wrong direction. It seems that majority opinion only counts when it's the Supreme Court or American Idol. The Wall Street Journal says that Bush's numbers are improving and that this will give him wiggle room on Iraq. Okey dokey, someone is using too much smoky. Their cute little chart shows the same 37 percent are still willing to sacrifice American lives for something they aren't sure about. Makes me wonder if this was a poll done from Republican donors.

Ah yes, the Demowienies are at it again. Trying to find the center instead of doing what their constituents want them to do. They should call themselves the Centrist party and quit pretending to represent the people. The only difference between them and the Republicans is their fear factor. Fear of what is the million dollar question.

The former hot pants airline strikes again. She should have been wearing a burqa, then they could have asked her to leave the plane because the passengers were uncomfortable and thought she might be a terrorist. I have to admit that when I fly, I wear warm clothing. But that's because I think the plane might crash and if I survive I wouldn't want to freeze to death in the mountains while I wait for help. Fighting the need to wear the veil over there so they can make women wear it over here. Next thing you know, gray will be our only clothing color choice. Puritans or Taliban, what's the difference?

When the troops finally come home, will America still be here?


  1. I saw an article today mentioning burka wearing has been required of some other ladies of bounty on Southwest.

    Yet, when flight attendants were still called stewardesses, Southwest had them parading around in hot pants, tight polyester, and go go boots.

    The times, they are a-changin'.

  2. I suspect Mr. Boehner should get used to minority status, don't you?

  3. I'd like him to get used to unemployment.

    The Dems are going to do something stupid to screw it up and we'll be a totalitarian country before 2010.