Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Freaking Unbelievable!

What an effing dildo. As mentioned in a previous post, two of the soldiers who contributed to the op-ed in the NY Times were killed in Iraq on Monday. This mental midget linked to me as one of the lefties who had posted on the irony. Wisdom, justice and love. My ass. F**k you and the horse you rode in on! I'll bet comments are closed. Just like his tiny, vicious and vengeful excuse for a mind. Our troops are not mindless robots who are supposed to follow every order without question and speaking out about injustice or wrong behavior is NOT treason. And they most certainly weren't gutless. Or traitors. Another one of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders shows his ignorance along with his cowardice.

I'd like to kick his ass, but his head is in the way.


  1. Bring it on, Bitch.

  2. Mission Accomplished.

    Or is reading not one of your skills?

  3. "Mission Accomplished."

    Hmph, that's what Bush said. He's about as smart as you, Bitch.

    "Or is reading not one of your skills?"

    I read quite well, I read your defeatist writings very well. Now go suck that faggot fairy John Kerry's dick and shut the fuck up...

  4. If Kerry was gay, I wouldn't be his type.

    Sarcasm doesn't seem to be your strong suit, but cussing, now that's really impressive.