Thursday, September 06, 2007

Nakedness, Terrorism And Obfuscation

Sometimes you just have to know when you're off duty. There are some jobs where after training, your mind is always assessing situations. Not that this is necessarily a good thing because it means that some people never relax. Somewhere along the line, I learned to medically assess people in my mind and move on. They don't care what I think, nor are most of them going to follow any advice, so I rarely get invested in what I see. Unfortunately, those of the police persuasion prefer to view all behaviors as criminal, especially those of the naked kind. Even when done in relative privacy. Bin Laden should be scrutinized so intimately.

Speaking of the forgotten one, rumor is that he's going to release a new video making fun of us on September 11. There's also something about a "gift". Sounds ominous to me but the "intelligence" sources dont seem to be to worried. Wonder where this ranks on the Choernoff gut meter. Hopefully, no more than the mildly uncomfortable.

There's a pony in there somewhere. Yes, it seems that according to the state mouthpiece, our Esteemed Leader and his crew without a clue can travel safely to an out of the way airport in a war torn country. In their rush to use it as evidence that the "surge" is working and we shouldn't give up because a few lives are worth it (as long as it's nobody related to them), they neglect to mention that Bush could only visit by sneaking out the side door and not letting anyone know he was coming, that he didn't mingle with the natives and he didn't stay too long. Sort of like New Orleans, but without the reconstruction money.

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