Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The New iPods Are Here

Gizmodo rocks!

What in the heck will I do with 160GB of memory on an iPod Classic? My first computer (IBM Aptiva 75) was only 5 GB for the whole system and most of that was occupied with Windows 95. I can't even fill up an 8GB Nano yet. Unless I download videos.

Now the iPod Touch is what I want. The same screen as the iPhone but not enough memory to make me feel that I should put just anything on it. Plus it's WiFi enabled and can access the Music Store. Web surfing with Safari. Gotta have it.

All photos are from Gizomodo.

So much for the iPod killers. NBC must be feeling pretty dumb right about now. I never buy anything from Amazon but I do from iTunes. iTunes was there for me when Comcast was trying to blackmail me into paying more for the SciFi channel. Now I have DiSH, but if there are any scheduling conflicts, I'll just find another option. There are always options and NBC tends to forget that.

The Starbucks integration doesn't do much for me since I don't drink coffee, or anything else, from Fourbucks. I wonder how close you have to be for it to work. Oh well, I'll survive.

Yippee! Now all I have to do is save up all my pennies.

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  1. Nothing like getting kicked in the teeth by Steve Jobs.

    I'm not feeling sorry at all that I didn't consider the iBrick--combination of PDA and music player is what I want. Unfortunately, I got my iPod video not too long ago. So I'm probably gonna have to wait.