Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Out Of Control

Nooses at the Coast Guard Academy and antisemitism is on the rise. Do you suppose it has something to do with setting people against each other so they can't work together to prevent the destruction of democracy in America? And no, the internet is not responsible for people's bad thoughts or behaviors. That would be the responsibility of talk show hosts that say whatever stupid thing they think they can get away with. Maybe they should ratchet down the crap and use their heads instead of their ass when they make public comments.

From too much traffic to boarded up shops on main street. Who didn't see that coming? Besides the fact that these laws were illegal, immoral, and more than likely racist, they were also stupid. Back in the sixties my dad pointed out something that I never forgot. Green speaks. Louder than any foreign language or color of skin. Sometimes it costs a lot more than people anticipate when they decide to discriminate.

The DA from Jena mewls about how we don't understand, but he was only doing his job. He can only prosecute the laws that are on the books and since nooses (what about burning crosses?) are not considered to be violent threats or racial intimidation, he could only prosecute the ones he knew he could convict. He then gives a sanitized sob story about the victim, totally forgetting about the black kids who had been physically accosted before then and no charges were filed against the perpetrators. Wasn't that kind of the point of the demonstrations? Different laws for different colors? We understand more than he thinks. Like maybe it is time for a new civil rights movement.

Hopefully that would start in the colleges, but it looks like some of the students are having a little difficulty with the concept of playing nice with others. I thought this crap was over forty years ago. A bat is definitely a deadly weapon. A sneaker isn't. Somebody let the prosecutor in Jena know.

As if most American care, but what would all this look like to an Iraqi? Or anyone else for that matter.

I want my country back. The one where for just a few years during the seventies we at least tried to get along. Back when we had such high hopes of our country going forward into the future, not back to a past of racism, prejudice and intolerance.

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  1. I know how you feel. It's always two steps forward and 45 back.