Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Off The Cuff Observations

Not that I care if George Will takes offense, but his latest article was so boring that my eyes kept glazing over. If he wants to convince someone that the MoveOn.Org ad was illegal, immoral or wrong, he should come up with some snappier verbiage and quit resorting to obfuscation. Every time I tried to finish it, my brain kept thinking about how he sounds like a really old, dusty, self involved professor who is long past his prime but doesn't know what to do with himself if he retires. Maybe he could write a book on baseball.

So, I'm hanging out at Raw Story this evening and they had some pretty provocative headlines, and I thought I would respond to them the way they popped into my brain.

Bill O'Reilly is "guilty of operating on stereotypes". No kidding? You mean it isn't because he is an arrogant racist who is surprised that black people bleed red, as the Rude One so elegantly put it? I wonder if Billy boy knows that black people have sex the same way as he does? Probably without the falafel though. Like he would turn down a suddenly senile or severely drugged Halle Berry. Not likely.

Of course "bait and kill" is a war crime. For all the snipers know, people could be regarding the bait as something that needs to be removed before the bad people get it. These were living breathing people in their own country. They were neither target practice nor a video game. It's hard to believe how morally compromised we have become that anybody would think this was appropriate or legitimate behavior. We blew past shameful, took a hard right at disgusting and are hurtling downhill at breakneck speed toward lining people up at the gas chambers of evil.

Yeah, right.
Of course they realize that they are collecting information on innocent Americans. At least they are innocent now. No telling what will be considered a crime in a few years.

Conspiracy theory alert! It's a whopper! And if it is even remotely true ...

Inquiring minds want to know why are GOP candidates avoiding minority voters? Um, because they didn't go out to dinner in Harlem with Bill O'Reilly and so they don't know that black people know how to behave in public even if it isn't a rap concert or welfare line? Besides, it isn't as if we have enough money to sway their votes on issues like letting the people of Washington D.C. have a say in the government that squats in their city.

Why are our troops trying to fight with undependable weapons? When I was in basic training in 1974 my M-16 would jam if you looked at it wrong. You add a little sand to the mix and it could substitute as a walking stick or a bludgeon if someone got close enough. One day it jammed three times in a little over ten minutes. Thank goodness it was just an exercise for me, I would hate to have to depend on it in a firefight. I'll bet the Blackwater guys aren't using M-16s.

Someone from the crew without a clue interfered with the Blackwater investigation? Gee, no one could have anticipated that.

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