Saturday, September 08, 2007

Stuck On Stupid

Robert Baer of Time leaps headfirst into the gaping maw of stupidity this morning with his article entitled "Bin Laden Fights to Stay Relevant", proving that some people are still determined to drink the kool-aid. Even after it's been proved to be tainted with Caliciviridae. He thinks Bin Laden was "maundering" when he brought up corporations, global warming, and the inability of the Democrats to do what the American people want, which is to end the war. Bin Laden sounded like he was more on top of things than the crew without a clue and their pathetically clueless enablers.

Not content to leave stupid alone, Baer then proceeds to blame Bin Laden for the destruction of Iraq and the displacement of Muslims. Que? Now that's the equivalent of a drunk's best roundabout reasoning. One should never argue with a drunk or a fool, but sometimes I just can't help myself.

So, let me get this straight. Bin Laden inspired terrorists to pull off a successful attack on American soil, the US attacks Afghanistan in retaliation in what was presented as bringing Bin Laden to justice, supposedly "dead or alive", but then gets distracted from this goal by invading a country that had nothing to do with September 11, deposing its ruler because he was a "bad man" and had something called weapons of mass destruction which turned out not to exist, destroying everything in the country up to and including its quality of life by wrecking the fragile stability that had been maintained for years and having nothing to put in its place but continued violence, and now it's Bin Laden's fault that the country is in explosive ruins. And that's only paragraph three of the propaganda article.

According to Baer, Bin Laden has failed to change anything in the Middle East, because Saudi Arabia isn't a caliphate and Iraq isn't a supranational Islamist state. That's okay, they aren't democracies either and that was supposed to happen when we liberated a sovereign country of its rightful ruler. Democracy was going to spread through the region like a popular YouTube video. Instead it turned into a fatal form of the norovirus.

Baer goes on to blame the internet for the availability of bomb making materials and the ability to find religious guidance, no matter how suspect. I wonder if he's been to Fred Phelps (no link, those people are certifiable) page lately? Europeans are not going to blithely sweep away their objections to secret prisons, no matter what happens. They aren't as easily terrified by the boogeyman as Americans are, England and Spain have both shown us that. Germany just proved that police work is an extremely valuable tool against terrorism and you can forget the Swedes, Norwegians or the Finns suddenly giving up freedoms that they treasure.

Yeah, Bin Laden is a bad Muslim. He practices a fringe branch of the religion, somewhat along the lines of what Jim Jones or David Koresh (batshit crazy) did for Christianity, but I wouldn't be so quick to describe him as irrelevant. It's interesting how he is able to wave hello at all, but then he doesn't look like he's been missing as many meals lately. Or showers. He just sent us his three finger anniversary wave and he's wondering if we can read between the lines. Baer needs to go back to huffing and puffing in a retirement home.


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