Friday, September 21, 2007

They Represent Who?

Why is Congress deliberately out of touch with what the American people want? My so called representative, Dianne Feinstein needs to go. Unfortunately, she just got reelected but eventually justice has to win. Doesn't it? Avedon is spitting nails over the Democrats who voted to censure the ad. She wants to know if the Dems have been bought off. Um, more than likely and I've been saying so since the lovely Bankruptcy bill. Besides being in the pockets of corporations, they are also stooges for the administration. The pattern is pretty obvious. These people are more worried about their jobs than they are the people they represent. They have consistently voted against their constituents wishes and then give some stupid reason for their behavior. What I don't understand is how they think they are going to be reelected, unless we aren't going to have any more elections or is some member of their family being held hostage? Because if they were being blackmailed, one of them should have broken ranks before now. Whatever the reason, they are spineless and should be recalled by the citizens of their states.

I love Skippy. Not the peanut butter, the blogger. This is his comment that he left on the petition to let our so called representatives know we don't approve of limiting our right to free speech.
find it reprehensible that congress would seriously debate and pass a resolution about an advertisement purchased by u.s. citizens and which reflected an honest and popular point of view, rather than vote in favor of letting the troops have between deployments; or to restore habeas corpus, a cornerstone of western jurisprudence for over 500 years; or to stop the funding of the iraq war, which over 70% of americans oppose. talk about misplaced priorities!

we citizens will not be quiet, we will not sit down in a corner out of sight, we will not allow a few over-paid millionaires dictate policy without input from us. that's called democracy in case you missed that class in school.

in fact we will actively work to get such spineless enablers that allowed this waste of time vote out of office.
I agree. Putzes. The Demowienies who are Republicans in Democrat clothing need to be unemployed. ASAP.

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  1. Actually, I'm not so much wondering if they've been bribed as whether they've been blackmailed. I mean, we know the Republicans have been spying on them, after all....

  2. I can't believe that Feingold and Kucinich are the only ones who can't be blackmailed. The rest of Congress must have members of their families being held hostage, their behavior has been pretty bizarre.

    Whatever the explanation, something needs to be done to rectify the situation. Too bad there aren't more real journalists instead of those who think that reporting what the administration says constitutes a job well done.