Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Truth Hurts

It doesn't matter where, what, whom, or how illegal, we traipse through other countries leaving a trail of death and destruction without having to suffer consequences. So far. Iraq isn't going to expel Blackwater. Heck, they can't even get the US to admit that there is a problem. With over a 130,000 American troops in the country, the loss of a mercenary army might leave a "vacuum". Color me not surprised. It isn't like they are a sovereign country, they're more like a Middle Eastern Puerto Rico. Except with a lot more bombs. Just like Germany being unable to extradite the 13 CIA agents suspected of kidnapping one of their citizens, Blackwater will never be prosecuted for all of the incidents that caused the deaths of innocent Iraqi civilians. Babies included. No wonder the world has such a low opinion of us.

Marcel Marceau has passed away. I couldn't find a video of him with Red Skelton (it was really good), but I did find this. Mime always fascinated me and he did it very well. Rest in peace Marcel, you will be missed.

Alice Ghostley also passed on. She could steal a scene from anyone, sometimes she was the best part of Bewitched. Rest in peace, I enjoyed watching you.

Isn't it nice how we run around the world telling other countries how to behave and treat their citizens with respect and then we can't seem to be able to do it at home? The FBI is investigating. Ha, ha. If it was a black group that had left those threats, most of us would be in prison camps by now. For our "protection".

Free speech is free as long as you don't publish it. Heaven forbid that people would get riled up over something substantive, like the war. Use a little profanity in an editorial, and away goes $30K in advertising money. The sad part is, most people refer to Bush and his policies the same way. I know I do.

Move the f**k on yourself. It would be really nice if the world would let us, but it is too busy trying to make sure that we always stay at the bottom of the barrel. She's probably trying to stir up some publicity because her career doesn't seem to be all that great.

Why is Ahmadinejad considered to be crazy but Bush isn't? I don't believe that the Holocaust is a myth, I do have reservations about the way Israel swings its weight around and I certainly believe that Bush lied to the American people so he could go to war. Every time Bush makes a speech, our country suffer another credibility gap. He either doesn't know what he's talking about, which is most of the time, he doesn't know where he is or he can't figure out how to leave a stage. The longer he's in office, the more it looks like he eats from lead lined tableware.


  1. "She was rather plain and had a splendid singing voice, and the combination of the well-trained, splendid singing voice and this kind of dowdy homemaker character was so incongruous and so charming"

    Farewell, Esmerelda!

  2. A Middle Eastern Puerto Rico. Sad but true. :(