Monday, September 24, 2007

All About the Benjamins

Maybe the DEA should be in charge of the war on terror. Operation Raw Deal has been successful in arresting 120 people and closing 56 labs worldwide for illegal steroid production. Isn't that interesting? The world can't get together with a comprehensive plan to capture or prevent terrorists, but they can get together to stop steroid drug use. Priorities, priorities. Guess we know which is more important, stopping violence doesn't rank nearly as high as stopping personal crimes. No wonder we've made so little progress in the war on terror. Once it starts affecting the money trail, concrete action will ensue.

Jeff Dunham new special on Comedy Central was very funny. Especially Achmed, his suicide bomber puppet. I hope to be able to catch the last half hour this week, mom watched the premiere of Cold Case and the DiSH DVR doesn't allow you to watch one show while taping another. That would require the two tuner model ($129) plus a five dollar per month surcharge for not having a land based phone line.

Duh! Traumatic brain injuries are worse than previously thought. By who? Any brain injury is serious, but to the military if you aren't bleeding, then nothing is wrong with you. Another generation turned to toast by war. Ten years from now is going to be a pretty sad place for some families. Some of these kids are going to exhibit the same symptoms as Alzheimer's patients, but many years too early.

Violent crime is on the rise. Another sad indicator that the economy sucks.

Second in command of Homeland Security, Director Michael Jackson resigned today. For personal financial reasons. Since when are you supposed to make money working in government? All of these guys crack me up. They went from saying that government workers are lazy and overpaid to complaining that they don't make enough money for what they said they would do. It seems that service to the country isn't as important as being rich. Too bad the troops don't have the same option.

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