Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wondering About Things

Unbelievable. Fifty two thousand dollars for a purse. Is it magic? For that price, one would hope that it would do something besides hold stuff. It should create jobs or have a built in flat screen television. And it certainly shouldn't be ugly.

People wonder why we have no confidence in how Iraq is being handled and then a story like this pops up. The only good thing to be said is that at least they didn't lose the nuclear weapons. They just flew them over populated areas of the United States. Bad orders given and followed. Again. It makes me wonder if they would have dropped them on one of our cities if someone gave the order.

Why would anyone eat microwave buttered popcorn anyway? It doesn't have the right consistency, but for those who think time is more important than flavor, now there's a new worry, especially if you like to sniff the bag when first opened. Bronchiolitis obliterans, otherwise known as popcorn lung. The small pathways of the lungs become swollen and scarred. Breathing in is easy. Breathing out, not so good. It's caused by the chemical diacetyl which is used to add the flavor of butter but when heated becomes a gas that affects the lungs. Until recently the officials believed that it only affected workers at the popcorn plant but has now been shown to affect people who eat microwave popcorn frequently. I prefer pickled jalapeños on my popcorn when I bother to eat it. Less calories, more flavor.

Whatever Apple is going to release, it should happen in the next hour. I an hardly wait.

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