Monday, October 01, 2007

Back To The Past

Over 2.2 million Iraqis have fled their country, at least a million of them have died since 2003, the ethnic cleansing is almost complete, many people have disappeared without a trace and last month was a religious holiday in a country that is tearing itself apart over a difference in religion. Meanwhile back here in wonderland, every single news outlet is touting the story of the drop in U.S. military and Iraqi civilian deaths. The numbers still continue to differ depending on the source.
''There is no silver bullet or one thing that equates as a reason to the drop in Iraqi and Coalition casualties and deaths,'' said Col. Steven Boylan, spokesman for U.S. commander Gen. David Petraeus.

But he credited increased U.S. troop strength, saying that has allowed American forces to step up operations against al-Qaida in Iraq.
If you say so. Even though al-Qaeda makes up a small proportion of people killing each other in Iraq, according to news report they seem to be doing the majority of the dying. Now everybody that dies is an al-Qaeda militant, at least according to the official line.

Kvatch (he's on vacation) pointed out that my feeds hadn't been working for the last few weeks. I was fiddling with them last week and discovered that something was missing from my template. Holy cow! I have readers! Thank you. I have no idea how long some of you have been on board or what it was that got you interested in my ramblings but I appreciate it. I really do.

The Supreme Court is back in session and contentious issues are on the agenda. Justice Kennedy's swing vote is rumored to lean left this year. Uncle Thomas was on 60 Minutes last night, continuing in his effort to make himself more likable. It almost worked until I remembered that they spent seven days with him which would give them enough footage to make him look reasonable. I kept looking at his eyes which were glassy and non blinking. He really believes what he's saying but I've seen that look before. Hopefully it's a thyroid problem and he isn't as shen disturbed as he looks.

According to John DePetro, white people only go to Harlem to buy drugs or visit prostitutes. Besides being racist on so many counts that it's difficult to count them all, it's also a nice little slam at our last president. The unspoken corollary is that the only time blacks go to a white neighborhood is to work as a maid or to commit a crime. These guys piss, whine and moan about their rights being restricted while they use abusive language, inappropriate contexts, libel and slander to maintain their position as mouthpieces of a bygone time. They feel perfectly comfortable spreading their prejudices over the airwaves and then cry about the mean people who pick on them by pointing out their stupidity. Life is so tough for them.

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