Saturday, October 06, 2007

Phony Support For Real Soldiers

Absolute bullshit. These National Guard troops are being screwed, the kind without the kiss. One day short of eligibility for a more generous education package. Well, they got educated all right. Every time you think that the Bush crew without a clue couldn't make it any more obvious that they have no respect for the troops, that they are just disposable commodities and that once they are no longer useful, they go and top themselves sink even lower than a major city underwater. One day, one freaking day after 729 straight of dodging bullets and bombs. Who is so dumb as to believe that this wasn't intentional?

Why is there even a disparity in the way that anyone who has served in this debacle is treated? National Guard, Reserves or regular military, they are all active duty and should be treated with respect and consideration for the sacrifices they have been forced to endure.

As if Feinstein cares what the little people think. She revealed her true colors when she voted for the bankruptcy bill, so I don't really expect her to vote against anything that makes it easier for corporations to get away with crime.

The human body is an amazing piece of machinery and it always seemed strange to me that some parts would be considered useless. Just as the appendix of a book can useful, it appears that the appendix also has a useful function. It might be a bacteria backup system designed to repopulate the intestines after diseases have forcibly swept the area clean. Hmm, maybe the tonsils are useful too.

What happens when you have a series of little disasters? The cumulative equivalent of a mega disaster. Welcome to the wonderful effects of global warming.


  1. We are prisoners of our own bad judgment. We elected an egotistical fool.

  2. Of course they didn't get a kiss. Whore's never kiss you after you've been screwed.

  3. What really bothers me is that they thought nobody would notice. They honestly and truly do not care the nation thinks about them.