Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday Morning Musings

Maybe they heard the creepy music and decided not to go into the haunted house? Seriously, why would anyone want to trade one bullet ridden neighborhood for another? A 9% approval rating, that many blacks like Bush? Other than Clarence (I resent being black) Thomas and Alan (I don't like my own daughter) Keyes, which black people would that be?

Favorite quote of the morning.
Of course it's all one great big Democrat/liberal plot according to the screeching skank Ann Coulter, bitch goddess to the angry army of white males so out of whack with reality that their masturbatory fantasies are fueled by a sick desire to do the nasty with a woman who more resembles a haggard, horse-faced crack whore begging for a ride home in exchange for a blow job or three at closing time in a skid row bar than the Penthouse pet of the month.
In the going to get worse before it gets better department we have that old specter...homelessness. Towards the end of Clinton's presidency there were fewer homeless people, or at least there were fewer people asking for money when you got off the freeway. In the last few months they have been reappearing on quite a few street corners here in San Jose. They generally look hungry, unkempt, dirty and with a look of hopelessness in their eyes, as befits someone who has used up all the options they can think of. Right now it is confined to people who weren't doing all that well to begin with but as the foreclosures increase and renters are forced out, there will be more families on the street.

Depressing fact of the day. California spends three times as much on her prisons as she does on running the higher education system. One produces and the other incarcerates. Welcome to the new world order.

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