Monday, October 22, 2007

Raging And Caving

I guess the ratings for Las Vegas (I miss James Caan) were lower than I thought. It has been on the air for five years and now the WaPo has a story about the link between casino surveillance and counterterrorism. Better late than never. Funny, I don't mind being watched in a bank or casino but I do mind everywhere else. I realize that I'm a "Taurus" but that shouldn't be an excuse for being daft.

Rage and cave. What an apt description of the Demowienies. I never paid much attention to Chris Dodd before, but right now the man is my hero. I despair of any positive change in Washington, our representatives seem to be a little too morally compromised. They take the money and the perks to do the job but they don't vote int he best interests of their constituents. Frauds on the taxpayer dime. It should be illegal.

I worked at Universal Studios during the last writer's strike and it was not a pretty picture. Besides the ridiculous shows and movies that resulted from that debacle, so many small businesses disappeared. Flower shops and restaurants were especially affected. Businesses in Hollywood survive on schmoozing. This is going to get ugly. And yes, the new season really does suck. It's lame. Heroes has become a snore fest and Bionic Woman could do with a scene of Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner talking about how 50 million just doesn't go as far as 6 million did back in the day. If it wasn't for Katee Sackhoff and Miguel Ferrer, the show would be completely unwatchable.

Coming up, more rage and cave. Bush wants another 46 billion for war operations in various parts of the globe. I guess that why he couldn't spare 35 billion for children's healthcare. The man has chutzpah, he phrases the request saying that anybody in Congress who is interested in success in Iraq and with bringing the troops home sooner, should vote to give him the money. They'll probably give him 50 billion just so they can say they supported the troops. Into more caskets.

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