Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wacky Priorities

One week into his campaign and Stephen Colbert is polling ahead of Kucinich, Richardson and Gravel in South Carolina. Nation, he just might affect the election, if he doesn't have to quit because the FEC has its knickers in a knot. Or as the commenter spikept put it,
Interesting the feds/regulators are looking at Colbert. Where were they when the last election was being molested?
A friend just called and wanted to know why with all our technology, the fires can't be contained. I had to remind him that fire is one of the forces of nature just like earth, air and water, none of which are easily controlled. Plus, it helps if you don't lay off the help because you have reached an arbitrary date on the calendar.

2.4 trillion dollars to kill troops, innocent citizens and anyone that can be deemed an insurgent while accomplishing exactly nothing. Osama bin Forgotten until Bush needs another distraction from some domestic problem, is still running around free with some people suspecting that he might be living in the city instead of a cave. 35 billion for children's healthare? Too much money. No wonder we're going nowhere. Fast.

What's the difference between being evacuated to a stadium because of water as opposed to fire? Could it be the color or wealth of the evacuees? Food, entertainment, massage and acupuncture are available to those in San Diego, but bullets, segregation and neglect were forced and enforced on New Orleans residents. Oh that's right. It was the fault of the people of New Orleans for not evacuating and for living in an area that was below water. No blame for rich people who live in areas that are prone to Mother Nature's vagaries. If it rains this winter and the hillsides start sliding down because of lack of vegetation, do those residents whose houses are still standing get government aid to keep them living the lifestyle they are used to? While the poor who suffered from the ravages of Katrina were forced to live in subhuman conditions because they aren't considered worthy, typical American logic dictates that when the rich suffer, they shouldn't. Actions do speak louder than words.

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