Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So, Where Does My Money Go?

Food, rent, gas, the internets, basic satellite access, three-at-a-time Netflix, and car insurance. One week's pay for rent. Those were the days, I pay more. Health care? Not eligible. Child care was never necessary which eliminated college costs for everyone but me and I have the loan to prove it. The car was paid off at the beginning of the year but due to last week's boo-boo, it might become a major expense I can't afford.

I'm not a fashion plate kind of girl, clothes are to keep me warm and to prevent arrest. I'm over fifty, I like elastic waists. I've ranted several times about the benefits of not wearing makeup (science is proving me right) and of having really short hair. Food is the second largest expense after rent. Fresh is my first choice and since I'm not all that fond of packaged goods, it is a substantial portion of the budget in order to eat healthy.

Back in the eighties I was able to afford all of the above except the internets which didn't exist in normal space yet, had cable instead of satellite, went to the video store to pick up videos, ate out more frequently, went on vacation, ate really good food at home, wore nice clothes, didn't have an advanced education and had money left over at the end of the month instead of bills. Yes, life really is harder now than it was then.

I can't cut my housing expenses any more without being homeless, so that leaves the food variable and then you have to wonder, what's the point? How much chasing of the brass ring am I willing to do? Frankly, a roof over my head, food to enjoy and the internets are necessities, everything else is a perk. Ones that I like to enjoy which means I need more money.

I need a legitimate home based business. On the computer.


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