Monday, October 15, 2007

Your Time Is Gonna Come

Considering that al-Qaeda were responsible for very little of what went wrong in Iraq, this is a most hollow victory. Besides, they can afford to wait. The next group tall enough to ride the AQ express to Allah should be ready shortly.

The sad part is that the end result of this will be that cops become even more untrusting and even more likely to respond with violence as a first resort. I will admit to having authority issues but you would not have known that the other night when I wrecked my car just outside my front door. Responding were six cop cars, a firetruck, an ambulance and a tow truck, so I was on my best behavior. My mother gave the cops permission to enter the house and they found me using the sanitary facilities. Mr. Policeman asked me what I was doing and I told him I was peeing (I know you can do without the visual). He said I needed to come outside and I told him I would as soon as I was finished. I washed my hands and went outside with them up. They asked a ton of questions, looked at my foot and left. If I had had an attitude, I'm sure I would have had a Breathalyzer and mucho harassment, which definitely would have included jail time. There are times when I'm grateful that I remind people of Aunt Jemima instead of some two bit rapper.

During the attempted Blackwater whitewash (we're just here to help and we have the best of intentions) on 60 Minutes, they showed Condieliesalot using their services. From the videos it doesn't looks like defense is their strong suit. Somebody should tell Condi that flak vests are not a fashion accessory. They are supposed to protect the heart in addition to the breasts and that it needs to be worn higher up on the torso to be considered effective. Everything from her sternum to her head was exposed. Not good protection from the blond guerrillas.

Woohoo! Finally the iTunes can be Trampled Underfoot by Bron Yr Aur while the Black Dog swings from the Gallows Pole and everybody knows it's Nobody's Fault But Mine as they Ramble On. The problem is that When The Levee Breaks, Moby Dick will be Down By the Seaside with a Living Loving Maid singing the Immigrant Song which might make it difficult to Boogie With Stu since most people will be suffering a Communication Breakdown leaving them Dazed And Confused while they are Going To California to fight the Battle Of Evermore over a Black Country Woman and some Custard Pie. Not that I'm fond of metal dirigibles on a Stairway To Heaven.

Not good. Not good at all. My condolences. Reporters are certainly taking a hit in Iraq.

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