Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Sunday Stupids

Taking care of other people, in whatever capacity, is hard work with very little return. Another report that falls into the "no shit" category. Literally. What genius had to have a study to determine that people with the crappiest jobs suffered from the highest rates of depression? Maybe because they see what the end of their life is going to be like and that once a person is considered to be of no value to society they are pushed into the background and marginalized by society? Then the writer jumps to a false conclusion, stating that depression could be improved if everybody worked full time. What is wrong with these people? Most of the personal care jobs are part time, but having a full time job changing diapers isn't going to improve their rates of depression. Being paid well and being respected for doing the jobs that have to be done and nobody else is willing to do might go a long way towards preventing depression. Engineers, architects and surveyors are happier because numbers usually make sense, minimal interaction with people who can't help themselves and the job doesn't involve bodily fluids.

Yes, we did. What else would you expect from the crew without a clue? In the "who appointed us king department", we seem determined to pretend that other countries might like us, even though they say otherwise, to handle their own problems. Our Middle East policy must be to destroy relations with every ally we can find. Who the hell are we to talk about genocide when we systematically lock up and execute minority Americans for the flimsiest (no money) of reasons?

But what about his eyeballs? In the "have they no shame department?" we have more sleaze from the government. They get found negligible in providing services or preventing harm and then turn around and sue for the same amount saying that it covers the cost of the care and the person is no longer indigent. Still harmed and still crazy. What a crock.

In the "people are going to get screwed" category, we have the lovely entry of messing with people's pensions. As if making workers pay for their healthcare from rapidly dwindling wages and forcing them to fund their retirement out of those same funds while corporations collect obscene profits and the present administration trying to eliminate privatize Social Security wasn't bad enough, now they are trying to sell off pension plans to financial institutions. The reason is supposed to be that since the financial institutions are all about making money that the pension plans would profit. Right. More like they would find ways to cut expenses. That would be the pensioners.


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