Sunday, October 28, 2007

Time For Her To Go

My least favorite Demowienie, Dianne Feinstein, needs to find a new line of work, preferably something more in keeping with her loose morals and urge to please men in power. She is nothing but a traitor, both to her party and to her constituents. Voting to confirm Leslie Southwick was just one more in a series of bad votes, once again demonstrating that she is a woman of questionable ethics, nothing more than a government paid camp follower masquerading as a Senator. She is so desperate for approval from her pimp that when he finally stops beating her and gives her a little attention, she gushes all of over herself. For her, politics isn't about helping the people of her state, it's about keeping herself available for the head of state and assuming whatever position he wants.

Way past time for her to retire and torture her grandkids instead of us.


1 comment:

  1. I had much to say myself about DINO Feinstein and her monkey ass-sucking.

    It will never change, of course; her husband is cleaning up on Chimpy's wars.