Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Trio Of Irritations

Please tell me that these people aren't real. They can't really believe the crap that dribbles out of their mouths, can they? First up is everyone's lease favorite he/she. Yes, Ann is at it again. She sad that if women didn't have the right to vote, we would never have another Democrat as president. I would almost be willing to give up my right to vote if it would just get her off the airwaves. She blames everyone for everything bad that has ever happened, except for the people who's watch it happened under. No matter how bad they screw up, no matter what they didn't anticipate, no matter how much they don't care about the American people, she is their little pompom girl.

Next up is Neil Cavuto. He is so far removed from reality that he occupies an entirely different plane of existence. Heaven forbid that children have health care. He believes the kids that marched and all the petitions that they carried are just for political show and uses Saddam Hussein as an example of politicians using children. I guess he forgot about all those pro-lifers. Why is it that kids are considered to be competent about some things but not about politics? I guess more kids need to die of infected teeth before it sinks in that when parents are already juggling rent and utilities to prevent food insecurity in their children, that one more dime out of their pocket just isn't possible. Not even for health care. It's hard to believe that we are considered an advanced country.

And last, but certainly not least, is the chief dimwit himself. There already is turmoil in the region, our leaving isn't going to change that. Not only would Iran be happy if we left, so would most of the known world. I wish he was as concerned with democracy in America as he is in the Middle East.

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