Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wrecked My Car

For the last few weeks my right foot has been acting up and hasn't always responded the way it is supposed to. It turns out that riding the bike aggravates the ball of my foot, right where they put the two screws in for my big toe. Every day it has been a little worse and last night when I went to brake, it slid right off the brake pedal and back on to the accelerator. Considering that I was supposed to be parking this was not good. Before I could hit the brakes again, my car had introduced itself to the side of my neighbor's house.

While the accident is my fault, my neighbors went completely over the line. There were more police here than when the two guys got arrested for assault last year. There were ambulances and tow trucks. Lots of yelling, grabbing of necks and acting like they had hit the financial jackpot. All the other neighbors think that they are going to milk this for as much as possible. What a zoo.

The front end of my car is not in great condition and even though the airbags didn't deploy, it still isn't drivable. Since I don't have the money for my deductible it looks like I have a major transportation problem. Plus, my foot is extremely painful and difficult to walk on. The fun never ends.


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  1. Wow, that's terrible - every bit of it, from the accident itself, to the salivating neighbors, to the foot pain (which I can definitely sympathize with).

    Do you have any alternatives for transportation? And what about your foot? You probably need to get it checked - X-rayed at least. Will you be able to do that?

    I hope everything works out okay. Keep your readers posted, and let us know if there's anything we can do to help.

    Be well,